Our story

The story behind DICE.gallery

For the #WirVsVirusHack, sponsored by the German Government, we tackled the challenge of providing imaginative e-culture offers. We asked ourselves: How can people who are isolated from their friends and families still experience the world in all its beauty? This is how DICE.gallery came to life!

Recent global developments are forcing us to find new ways to nurse our curiosity. As we stumble upon new and exciting projects and interactive experiences every day we think it’s our duty to share these with all people who are striving for inspiring and uplifting experiences.

Our vision for DICE.gallery is to enable people to immerse themselves into new worlds. Become part of another culture. Discover the beauty that’s out there. No matter when or where.

It's taken our team less than 48 hours to set up the first prototype of DICE.gallery - And now, we can't wait to see this grow to the go-to-platform for curated digital art and culture experiences.

What about you? Do you also want to immerse yourself into new worlds? Or are you an artist and want to invite someone else into your world?

Then take a stroll through the DICE.gallery

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To our supporters

Thanks a lot!

We want to take this chance to thank everyone who supported us throughout this hackathon. It was an incredible experience. Thanks especially to the initiators of #WeVsVirusHack for making all of this possible.

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And a hearty and special thanks to the mentors and experts who supported us on the way: David Lipgens, Lennard Timm, Stephan Dabels, Jonas Polfuß and Christiane Lesch.